Coffee Roasters





At Little and Long we roast to order to ensure the beans that you recieve are freshly roasted and at their best.  We have a selection of beans in stock which change with seasonal harvesting around the world.  

Whether you need filter coffee sachets for the office, whole beans for a bean to cup machine or the grinder hopper or a blend created just for you we can cater for all needs.

Our blends changes as our beans change but will alwys deliver a smooth coffee with good body and flavours that won't get lost in milk.  

If you have a concept for how you would like your coffee to taste we would love to work with you to develop a blend to fit with your ideas.


If you are after single origin coffees our selection of beans cover a wide variety of brew methods through different roast profiles and/or the beans individual flavour characteristics.

We can also supply commercial or home Rocket Espresso machines if required, give us a shout to chat about what you need.

What ever you are after give us a call or drop us an email so we can chat and find the best coffee for you.